Monday, January 26, 2009

Superman - Secret Identety

Supermani lugu nagu sa ei oota.

(Out Of Print)

Siin siis review jälle copy pastetud:

This is basically a stand alone story that has no ties whatsoever to the DC Universe or any other superheroes for that matter. It is basically a story of an unfortunate young man in real life who is comically named Clark Kent. He later on discovers that not only does he share the comic book character's name but that he also has superpowers. The story follows Clark from his high school years and concludes with him growing old. The end result is you have a very moving and poignant story. A lot of credit muct be given to the writer Kurt Busiek who writes the entire story from the POV of Clark Kent and writes it in real-time. He manages to draw the readers into his direction of story-telling, so that you eventually stop caring and questioning the whos and whys of Clark's powers. And instead of being concerned with the past, you are eager to follow Clark Kent into the future. This is a surprisingly good story that has nothing to do with Superman and would have worked just as well with anyone names Frogman, Garbageman etc. But naming him Superman, just gives you a hint of familiarity. Do youself a favor and pick this up." - Amazon Reader oct - 18. 2005.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dave McKean - Cages

Mees kes on siis koostööd teinud Neil Gaimaniga nagu näiteks Sandmanis ja Black Orchid, on ka välja lasnud ise enda kirjutatud ja ilustreeritud graphical noveli nimega "Cages". 500 leheline tellis ja out of print. FUK.....!#€% . Jälle yx sittaks raske kätte saadav raamat. Ma juba tasa-pisi vihkan neid situatsioone, kus sa leiad midagi väga huvitavat aga kätte saadav ei ole. Aga netis on alati mingid idioodid kes siis loomulikult kysivad 10000000000€ selle raamatu eest. Krt kyll.. Copy pastesin siis review kelleltgi kes on seda lugenud..:

"McKean is possibly the most widely known of the current artists creating comics for adults; he painted the covers of all 75 Sandman issues and has also drawn The Black Orchid and Violent Cases. Cages is the only work that McKean has both written and drawn, and he uses the opportunity to present a dialog on the rewards and hazards of creativity. Cages tells the story of three artists: Leo Sabarsky, a painter in need of inspiration; Angel, a nightclub musician who seems oblivious to the adulation of his fans; and Jonathan Rush, a writer whose novel Cages so enraged his readers that he now lives in captivity. How these characters break free of their mental cages forms the central conflict of this book, which evolves into a meditation on creativity and godhood. The artwork is dynamic and changes form as McKean feels appropriate. This is as much an art book as a narrative. If your library is only going to buy one graphic novel for adults this year, make it this one. For public and academic libraries.?"

Stephen Weiner, Maynard P.L., MA
Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jeremy Clarkson raiub maailma.

Kui sulle meeldib BBC's "Top Gear", siis meeldivad ka need raamatud.

Thursday, January 1, 2009